We added UnionPay in payment methods! For our Chinese users :)


Before writing to tech support, we strongly encourage you to read the FAQs

How I can sign up on SMSpva.com (video tutorial)?
How I can get new SMS on number, which I get earlier?
Then number keeps in base(during 1 day) you can get new SMS. You can do it in direction "history"
Why I can't get a number?
Because,a few numbers in base, but many people, who want to get numbers. Is formed live queue.
How much times one number can be used?
One number can be used for one service only once, but can be used for another services.
Then, why I enter number for sone service, and he says, thatthis number using now?
Because, numbers can be reissued. For example: Someone bought SIM-card, register on this number some service and end using this service. After 3 month SIM-card was deactivated and now, any can be get this number. But service using this number yet.
How I can get a number (video tutorial)?
You should sign up, add funds and after, you can choose service and get number.
Which services I can use for add funds?
You can use this service now: Bitcoin, Webmoney, Yandex money, Credit card. All actual methods are presented in the Balance section
How I can add funds (video tutorial)?
Where I can find own activation history (video tutorial)?
I add funds, but payment successfull. What I should to do?
Payments going after some time. May be 1-2 hours. If you think, that something wrong, you can ask question in online chat.
What's is rating?
  Rating (or Karma) is an automatically assigned quality score for a particular apiKey. Depending on this score, our server allows you to use a certain amount of numbers at the same time. Assume a rating of 20, allows you to order immediately 20 numbers for any amount of resources. The rating can have a value from 1 to 100. With the "eternal ban", the rating can be set to -1. It is important not to be afraid of rating restricts, but to react and, if possible, correct the problems found.
  Below you will find a list of actions that affect your rating.

  Negative influence on the rating is rendered by: refusal of number, sending of number in ban, abandoned order without SMS, work with nonexistent order;
  Positive influence on the rating is rendered by:receiving SMS on the ordered number; Ban by apiKey is a temporary restriction, which the server enters based on actions on apiKey. Most often this is due to failure in the user's software. If you get numbers, but do not receive SMS, the ability to work with the "activation" service is temporarily (30 minutes) suspended - that's made for you can check your software. Maybe problem in the resource itself, where you order sms, but in this case it's also better to take a break. Ban itself does not affect the future work, except for the downgrade to 1.

  Eternal user ban - this restriction is entered by the administrator when the rules of our resource are not respected. To find out the reasons, please contact our technical support via tickets or online.

  * If you have any questions related to rating changes, or if you receive "ban by apiKey", please contact the administrator. The removal of restrictions or the raising of karma is possible in the manual mode by the administrator.