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Before writing to tech support, we strongly encourage you to read the FAQs

How I can sign up on (video tutorial)?
How I can get new SMS on number, which I get earlier?
Then number keeps in base(during 2 days) you can get new SMS. You can do it in direction "history"
Why I can't get a number?
Because,a few numbers in base, but many people, who want to get numbers. Is formed live queue.
How much times one number can be used?
One number can be used for one service only once, but can be used for another services.
Then, why I enter number for sone service, and he says, thatthis number using now?
Because, numbers can be reissued. For example: Someone bought SIM-card, register on this number some service and end using this service. After 3 month SIM-card was deactivated and now, any can be get this number. But service using this number yet.
How I can get a number (video tutorial)?
You should sign up, add funds and after, you can choose service and get number.
Which services I can use for add funds?
You can use this service now: Paypal, Bitcoin, Webmoney, Yandex money, Credit card.
How I can add funds (video tutorial)?
How I can buy accounts in accounts store (video tutorial)?
Where I can find own activation history (video tutorial)?
I add funds, but payment successfull. What I should to do?
Payments going after some time. May be 1-2 hours. If you think, that something wrong, you can ask question in online chat.
What's is rating?
There are users who intentionally or unintentionally ban phone number, refuse service, "showered" service orders with a single account. In short, doing everything to obtain rooms as soon as possible. However, they do not understand, thereby poisoning the lives of others, because the server is busy with their orders. Now these users we will stop and ban based on their rankings to others do not suffer because of them.
Each user initially has 10 points. 10-number of simultaneous orders with one account, i.e. the number of points is the number of simultaneous orders. The more points you have, the more numbers you can get at the same time, and, accordingly, the lower the score, the less you can get phone numbers simultaneously.
For each successful receipt of SMS-code you will receive + 0.5 points ranking.
For each rejection or ban you subtracted-numbers with 0.0125 points ranking.
If you have ordered phone and shut down the site since you subtracted-0.25 points rankings.
If you got a phone number API, SMS came, and you did not take SMS-code then you subtracted-0.5 points ranking.
How use Beeline auto-manager (video tutorial)?

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