We added UnionPay in payment methods! For our Chinese users :)


01/06/23 | 17:13

Voice codes for Russian phone numbers are now available!

We are happy to share with you some wonderful news! You can now receive voice codes for your Russian phone numbers from various services, such as Telegram, WhatsApp and OTHER. This means you can
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31/05/23 | 11:36

Important announcement: Price increase for OTHER service from June 2 in the rent section!

Dear customers, We regret to inform you that due to the rising costs of operation, we have to increase the price of our OTHER service in the rent section by 50% starting from June 2nd. We apologize
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27/05/23 | 21:15

New Numbers and Device for Rent in Spain with Instant Activation!

Dear users! We have great news for you! We have added a new batch of numbers in the rental section for Spain. A new device has been added! Now you can get numbers with instant activation. The number
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26/05/23 | 17:17

Receive voice codes from WhatsApp when registering an account!

We are happy to announce that now you can use our numbers to receive voice codes from WhatsApp. This is convenient if you want to create an account and WhatsApp sends you a voice code. This service
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22/05/23 | 10:33

New payment method for Bitcoin

Dear users, the current method of accepting bitcoin will be disabled within a week. To pay for Bitcoin, use the Cryptocurrency method. After a week, payments using the old Bitcoin method will no
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17/05/23 | 17:19

UK activation prices will go up by 15% tomorrow

Dear customers, We are sorry to tell you that we have to raise our activation prices by 15% from tomorrow because of the higher costs of SIM cards in the UK. This is a necessary step to keep our
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04/05/23 | 13:18

• Rent Numbers for Any Resource With Our New Other Service

Are you looking for a service that is not listed in our rental section? If so, you might be interested in our new "Other" service. This service allows you to rent any number for any resource that is
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28/04/23 | 17:13

Added new countries for which you can get voice codes!

Dear users! We have added numbers with the ability to accept a voice code for the following countries: Latvia, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia. This service is also available for Lithuanian and Canadian
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28/04/23 | 13:09

Added Morocco numbers to the rental section!

Dear users! Morocco numbers with instant activation have been added to the rental section!
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25/04/23 | 18:01

Sweden and Turkey numbers have been added to the rental section!

Dear users! In the rental section replenishment for Sweden and added Turkey with constantly active numbers. No need to wait for a long activation! Please note that Turkish numbers are extremely rare
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