We added UnionPay in payment methods! For our Chinese users :)


22/07/22 | 18:25

New country in the rental section!

We are glad to announce that Italy has been added to the rental section. This is a new country with fast activation of numbers. Have time to test and visit the rental section!
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17/07/22 | 11:22

Added Polish numbers to the rent section!

Dear users! We added Polish numbers to the rental section. There is no need to wait for activation, because the numbers are always active for this country, which allows you to receive SMS even faster.
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15/07/22 | 17:40


Dear users, please note that the time for receiving SMS Canada-Vip has been increased to 20 minutes
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04/07/22 | 19:08

Receiving calls and issuing the caller's number is again available for badoo and mail group.

How does it work? Some services can call the number used instead of SMS, and request the last 4 digits as a confirmation code. We accept the call, and then reset it, after which we give you the last
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29/06/22 | 17:21

Accepting Credit Cards Worldwide

Dear users, we started to accept Credit Cards Worldwide! Look for the corresponding method in the list of payment systems
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24/06/22 | 09:53

ATTENTION, important news for developers!

Dear users, from 28 June, the site and API will work only through the https protocol, and all http requests will be automatically redirected to https. Regular users won't notice the difference, but
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16/06/22 | 20:19

Added a new country - Denmark

Dear friends, let me introduce you to a new country in the Activation section. New numbers - new opportunities. Hurry up to use them!
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25/05/22 | 16:56

Binance Pay

Dear users, we added Binance Pay as the new payment method. You can easily pay using your Binance account in seconds. Binance provide 50+ cryptocurrencies.
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20/05/22 | 09:08

Added Alipay method

Dear users, we have added Alipay payment method. Fee - 5%. 尊敬的用户,我们增加了支付宝支付方式。 费用 - 5%。
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19/05/22 | 17:57

Price reduction for phone numbers of Poland

Dear users, due to the stabilization of the supply of SIM cards in Poland, we are pleased to announce that the prices for these SIM cards have been reduced by 30 percent
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