We added UnionPay in payment methods! For our Chinese users :)


02/12/22 | 14:39

Increased the number of Czech numbers, instant activation of UK. Latest news in the rent section!

We are glad to announce the update and improvement of the rent section: - The number of Czech phone numbers has been raised. - Added a pool of numbers with instant switching for UK. - Returned the
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14/11/22 | 16:41

Temporary price increase for the USA numbers!

Dear customers! Our partner in the USA, who has been providing SIM cards for our website for many years is currently experiencing difficulties in supplying high-quality SIM cards. Now this is a
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11/11/22 | 15:51

VIP numbers of Canada are available in the RENT section!

Dear friends! We have added VIP Canadian numbers to the rent section! The numbers of this country are extremely difficult to find on the Internet and they are rare (Vip numbers). They are great for
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29/10/22 | 11:24

Netherlands numbers available in the rent section!

Netherlands numbers have been added to the rental section. Please note! The numbers of this country are always active, you can immediately receive SMS without having to wait for activation.
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28/10/22 | 17:39

Combining Alibaba, Taobao, 1688.com services.

Dear users! Alibaba, Taobao, 1688.com services have been merged, because it is one company and in order to avoid the reuse of numbers, we have fixed this problem. Now you can receive sms for all 3
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25/10/22 | 14:16

Price reduction for Canada - VIP

Dear users! We inform you that we have reduced prices for phone numbers of Canada-VIP! Prices for most items have been reduced several times, we hope for your positive assessment!
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22/10/22 | 13:41

Austria numbers added

Austria numbers have been added to the activation section. The numbers of this country are great for registering on any website or service. Hurry up to test while there is an available quantity of
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21/10/22 | 15:41

Added the store of READY-MADE accounts

Dear users! Now you can purchase ready-made accounts for different services. At the moment there are accounts for instagram, but we plan to add them for other services as well. To go to the account
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12/10/22 | 14:55

USA numbers in the activation section!

Recently there were bad weather conditions and a strong storm in the state where we keep USA numbers. Because of this problem, numbers could not be issued or there were delays in issuing USA numbers
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28/09/22 | 14:44

New country numbers added!

We are in a hurry to notify you about the addition of Paraguay numbers to the activation section. The numbers of this country are great for registering on any service!
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