We added UnionPay in payment methods! For our Chinese users :)

09/08/22 | 15:24
Dear users! We are pleased to announce the addition of completely new and unique countries that our website has not previously provided in the rental section: Serbia, Albania, Macedonia and Cyprus.
08/08/22 | 17:44
Dear users, on August 10, 2022, prices for Dutch phone numbers are expected to change.
06/08/22 | 11:40
Dear users we added France numbers to the rent section. Get a 30% discount when renting numbers for 30 days!
03/08/22 | 09:22
Dear users, from August 4, all prices for Cyprus phone numbers will be 2 USD
02/08/22 | 17:27
Added a new way to replenish Visa / Mastercard through the purchase of cryptocurrency and instant automatic crediting to the SMSPVA account. Use the CryptoCloud method. After going to the CryptoCloud
22/07/22 | 18:25
We are glad to announce that Italy has been added to the rental section. This is a new country with fast activation of numbers. Have time to test and visit the rental section!
17/07/22 | 11:22
Dear users! We added Polish numbers to the rental section. There is no need to wait for activation, because the numbers are always active for this country, which allows you to receive SMS even faster.
15/07/22 | 17:40
Dear users, please note that the time for receiving SMS Canada-Vip has been increased to 20 minutes
04/07/22 | 19:08
How does it work? Some services can call the number used instead of SMS, and request the last 4 digits as a confirmation code. We accept the call, and then reset it, after which we give you the last
29/06/22 | 17:21
Dear users, we started to accept Credit Cards Worldwide! Look for the corresponding method in the list of payment systems