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ATTENTION, important news for developers!

24-06-2022, 09:53

Dear users, from 28 June, the site and API will work only through the https protocol, and all http requests will be automatically redirected to https. Regular users won't notice the difference, but it can affect your programming solutions that work through the API if your program doesn't know how to "follow" redirects. We ask software developers to fix the software if problems arise. To do this, you just need to change the protocol to https in all requests to API. We apologize for any inconvenience, but this is necessary to ensure the proper security of our users data.

How to register an account via

Order a number
on the main page

For example, if you need
create a Steam account,
go to the page
choose a country,
and after that, the Steam site is in the list.


Use the number for
receiving SMS

Copy the received number and
insert Steam into the registration form to receive an SMS with the registration code.


Receive SMS
from websites

After receiving the SMS-
messages with the code
confirmation, copy it
and use it to complete
account activation.