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Publication date: 26-03-2015, 17:55

Accounts in our life

Presently social networks become an integral part of life of each person. In a world wide web there is a huge world of accounts which, surprises with the variety. But what such account?
We will address to history of this word. The English account option was for the first time used in Russian for designation of bank accounts. But not so long ago, with the advent of the Internet, this term removed to area of information technologies.
Now the account is a data set which describes the user. Unlike login which only identifies it, the account contains more information. In each case it can be a different data set. For creation of accounts it is necessary to know the simplest algorithm of actions:
1. To find the pleasant site and to press the registration button.
2. To enter the data requested from you.
3. To confirm number of your phone and е - mail.
What gives an account to the owners? For what it is worth bringing him? Answer to this question very simple: it is impossible to get access without registration to some services. For example, Vkontakte or Schoolmates don't allow you to look for people and to communicate with them if you have no account of this social network. And it is quite logical and natural, after all if you have no profile, service "doesn't know you".
Your profile may contain additional information. Somehow: name, surname, age, interests and so on. As a rule, the need for these or those data is well proved. For example, on age it is possible to use various filters to secure children against undesirable content. Service can select for interests which you specify in the account, for you the relevant information on groups, the sites, cinema, music and so on. But, not without advantage for itself. Also, on interests from a profile also advertizing which to you is shown is selected and corrected. Such the Internet resources are necessary not only for communication, but also for work.
Statistically every minute in the world more than 100 new accounts are created. However developers of the sites imposed a ban on creation the fake of pages and complicated system of registration in networks therefore it becomes very heavy to business people to divide communication with friends and colleagues. To avoid awkward situations, such as sending messages not to that person, people thought up the site by means of which the person can get at any time a telephone number on which the new page will be issued. pva accounts is a reliable way to create an account in a network without the excess problems connected with finding of real phone number. It is possible to buy pva accounts on various sites and forums, however I would advise the site http://smspva .com/