Attention! A new batch of our devices v1.0 are available now! Hurry up!
13/08/17 | 10:58
Today we reduced the code cost for Microsoft to $0.15 (Ukrainian numbers) We remind you that for some time we will drive out a large number of Ukrainian numbers. Therefore, the prices for a large
12/08/17 | 19:21
From 12.08.2017 we begin a big sell-out of the numbers of Ukraine. Every day, we will try to drive away from 1000 numbers. Today, we reduce the price on VKontakte to 5p. And Google until 9p. Hurry up
06/08/17 | 12:56
Reduced price for Google (Ukraine). Google is very loyal to the numbers of Ukraine
03/08/17 | 16:54
Attention! Office 365 is now separated by a separate service. (Opt7) Getting codes through "other" is forbidden.
27/07/17 | 16:42
Dear users! Now tinder started again send sms for RU numbers.
24/07/17 | 09:12
Hello dear users. Now, we looking for a people, who have unlimited access to USA SIM-cards. We are ready to send our software to your place for good working. For more details write in skype:
06/06/17 | 14:03
We added new service - Nimses! Cost per 1 sms - 0.1$!
06/06/17 | 09:51
Payments for paypal at 10$, 50$, and 100$ not always processing at automatically.  For speed up it, write in live chat from 5:00 to 14:00 GMT.
02/06/17 | 12:06
Hello dear users! Now we looking for translator from english to chinese. We need it urgently. About all question in skype: alex268040
01/06/17 | 11:18
Dear users!!! Very important information!!! In order for your payment to be credited automatically, you must enter here a name identical to the name in the paypal!!! Please, don't ignore it, if