Snow off 
Attention! A new batch of our devices v1.0 are available now! Hurry up!
01/12/17 | 17:36
Dear users! Indonesian numbers are available again! Hurry up! Your SmsPVA team!
30/11/17 | 10:44
Dear users! We added new services Beetalk - opt88, Careem - opt89, Snapchat - opt90. Available with all countries of our numbers!
24/11/17 | 17:46
Dear users! We added personal account for proxy. There you can see your rented proxy, see the status, IP-address, time of the last reload and interval of rented proxy, see the authorization type,
22/11/17 | 22:19
Attention! There are delays in crediting payments of $ 1 (PayPal). The problem will be fixed tomorrow morning in 9AM Moscow time. Your money will be credited automatically.
22/11/17 | 18:06
Dear users! We added two new services: Adidas and Nike. Price per sms=$1. Administration of SmsPVA.
20/11/17 | 19:05
Payment renewed via Webmoney
17/11/17 | 13:42
Dear users! Price for WeChat for Malaysia and Philippines now is 0.15$
03/11/17 | 09:54
Dear users. Indonesian numbers for activation are available now. For obtain Indonesian numbers you should select this country in general list of all available countries.
25/10/17 | 10:16
Deficit of russian numbers turn from temporary condition to permanent! That's a pity, we can't affect to popped situation in country. Fortunately, we knew about future problems on Russian marketplace