31/08/20 | 14:18
We remind you that a large pool of numbers with quick activation is also available in the following countries: Russia, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Lithuania, France, and Poland .
21/08/20 | 15:34
Dear users! Added new services in the rental section: allegro.pl, 888casino.es, sogexia.com. Discount 30% for rental from 30 days
06/08/20 | 06:33
Dear users! We added large amount of phone numbers in the rental section with fast switching. Country numbers: Russia, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Lithuania, France. Also, we can add a service that you need
28/07/20 | 17:27
Dear users, added new service: LYKA and Wing Money for activations, PaySend for rental service
28/07/20 | 10:39
Dear users, added numbers of Belarus
13/07/20 | 15:16
Dear users, we inform you that we added new phone numbers of Georgia
09/07/20 | 20:26
The service "number rental" is disabled for technical work. Estimated technical work will take 1 hour from the date of publication of the news.
15/06/20 | 16:42
Dear uses, we added high quality virtual numbers of USA and Canada. Prices for this numbers reduced for 20%
14/06/20 | 17:19
Dear users, we added numbers of Chile
11/06/20 | 11:39
Dear users, we added new country - Haiti