12/04/17 | 19:36
Sim card of the country Kazakhstan for: code Google - $0.25 code Microsoft - $0.1
12/04/17 | 09:32
03/04/17 | 16:18
Added new service - Tencent QQ. $0.2 for each SMS
28/03/17 | 17:20
We add new video-tutorial about Beeline auto-manager to page help. With help this video you will can understand, how use Beeline auto-manager.
24/03/17 | 17:31
  Dear users, we added new tool for working with call forwarding - Beeline auto-manager (on page Tools) Call forwarding give you getting any voice message (like twitter, amazon and etc.), and
20/03/17 | 17:21
We realized partner program for soft developers! Your soft very popular among users? And you want to earn? Write in skype: - alex268040. If you connected to a partner program another service sms
20/03/17 | 13:51
Attention!!! Facebook changed description of sms. We configured system. Now, we again getting sms from Facebook correctly.
13/03/17 | 22:17
Gmail PVA (High quality)+ Additional Email (Rambler.ru). Russian names   Welcome http://smspva.com/store-new.html
13/03/17 | 14:31
Now, for use option "WebPhone" you can buy in account store "Sim card Beeline" and enter this number for getting call. With that SIM card you can verify service like instagram, twitter and etc using
09/03/17 | 20:50
Added new service - Zalo