Attention! Only we have new, real numbers from Belarus!
13/07/16 | 12:24
In connection with the upgrade of equipment will be carried out technical works till 12.00 Moscow time! We apologize for the convenience of not provided.
05/07/16 | 13:37
Twitter has changed the codes in SMS for verification. We have taken action, but if you can not get the code or it is incorrect - write in skype alex268040
27/06/16 | 20:35
For wholesale customers we are ready to discuss individual price! Please write in skype alex268040. P.S. Wholesale buyer is the one who gets more than 200 codes per day!
08/06/16 | 13:35
Dear users. During testing, we found that if Google does not accept the phone number, the case in your proxy, therefore, check Google accounts, we strongly recommend the use of clean and private
07/06/16 | 19:19
02/06/16 | 18:25
Accepting payments through PayPal will work in 4 hours!
18/05/16 | 13:48
Requires a person to create and sound videos on working with SMSpva. Suggestions please direct nominations Skype alex268040
16/05/16 | 12:08
Dear users! Today 16.05.16 in 8:30 (Moscow time) seem to be having technical difficulties. On errors, please contact customer support.
10/05/16 | 11:48
Dear users. We inform you that from 18:30 to 19:30 Moscow time will be carried out technical works! We apologize for any inconvenience.