02/06/17 | 12:06
Hello dear users! Now we looking for translator from english to chinese. We need it urgently. About all question in skype: alex268040
01/06/17 | 11:18
Dear users!!! Very important information!!! In order for your payment to be credited automatically, you must enter here a name identical to the name in the paypal!!! Please, don't ignore it, if
12/05/17 | 22:55
2017.05.13 Kakaotalk - $0.3 Telegram - $0.3 Facebook - $0.25 Instagram - $0.2 Microsoft - $0.3
11/05/17 | 10:40
Dear users! From today available Ukraine's numbers. Choose country "Ukraine" in relevant list. Have a nice day!
03/05/17 | 17:25
Hello friends. We are looking for: 1)Person, who can make quality translate our site from English to Chinese language. 2)Person, who can help us to get ICP If you this person and want to know more
26/04/17 | 13:09
Hi friends. We added buttons "share"!!! Now, you are available to share our site with your friends in other social networks and etc. You can find this buttons if you scroll down any page on our site.
19/04/17 | 14:37
google Kazahstan = 0.4$
16/04/17 | 13:08
We have reduced the number of codes for Microsoft on 1 sim card. Thus, on April 17, 2017, the new price for the code = $ 0.1 This is an experiment! Theoretically, Microsoft should stop Russian sim
16/04/17 | 12:29
Telegram code for Sim card Kazahstan - $0.3
14/04/17 | 15:44
Wechat codes are currently coming to the operators Megafon, Tele2. When ordering a number, do not forget to select the desired carrier.