Kazakhstan and Ukraine phone numbers are available now. For receiving this number you need select Kazakhstan or Ukraine country in "Getting a number" pane.
16/04/17 | 12:29
Telegram code for Sim card Kazahstan - $0.3
14/04/17 | 15:44
Wechat codes are currently coming to the operators Megafon, Tele2. When ordering a number, do not forget to select the desired carrier.
12/04/17 | 19:36
Sim card of the country Kazakhstan for: code Google - $0.25 code Microsoft - $0.1
12/04/17 | 09:32
03/04/17 | 16:18
Added new service - Tencent QQ. $0.2 for each SMS
28/03/17 | 17:20
We add new video-tutorial about Beeline auto-manager to page help. With help this video you will can understand, how use Beeline auto-manager.
24/03/17 | 17:31
  Dear users, we added new tool for working with call forwarding - Beeline auto-manager (on page Tools) Call forwarding give you getting any voice message (like twitter, amazon and etc.), and
20/03/17 | 17:21
We realized partner program for soft developers! Your soft very popular among users? And you want to earn? Write in skype: - alex268040. If you connected to a partner program another service sms
20/03/17 | 13:51
Attention!!! Facebook changed description of sms. We configured system. Now, we again getting sms from Facebook correctly.
13/03/17 | 22:17
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