25/12/17 | 16:20
  Hello our dear users! Mary Christmas and Happy New Year! We wish the all of best for you in new year! Few words about a past year. We, with all of you, made a big work at the past year. We
18/12/17 | 13:17
Dear users, we were attacked by hackers! For your security we`ve changed ALL API KEYS of all users. We`re straight recommended you change your password to more complicated.
13/12/17 | 18:14
Dear users! We've added new countries as test: Denmark, Spain. Due to with the specific operation of the equipment, the giving process of numbers can takes more time, than usually. For obtain this
08/12/17 | 16:35
Dear users. We've added new service - KHL for activations. Price is $0.1 per sms. For API system this service is opt91. Have a lucky activations! Your Team SmsPVA.
06/12/17 | 16:11
Dear users. We're remind you, that we have numbers from different countries, like an Indonesia or Philippines, and etc. Our partners update system for new numbers pretty stable. You can use this
01/12/17 | 17:36
Dear users! Indonesian numbers are available again! Hurry up! Your SmsPVA team!
30/11/17 | 10:44
Dear users! We added new services Beetalk - opt88, Careem - opt89, Snapchat - opt90. Available with all countries of our numbers!
24/11/17 | 17:46
Dear users! We added personal account for proxy. There you can see your rented proxy, see the status, IP-address, time of the last reload and interval of rented proxy, see the authorization type,
22/11/17 | 22:19
Attention! There are delays in crediting payments of $ 1 (PayPal). The problem will be fixed tomorrow morning in 9AM Moscow time. Your money will be credited automatically.
22/11/17 | 18:06
Dear users! We added two new services: Adidas and Nike. Price per sms=$1. Administration of SmsPVA.