10/05/18 | 19:59
In nearest 2-3 days there will be no Kazakhstan numbers. We are doing our best to resume the work.
07/05/18 | 11:36
Dear users! In our accounts store there are coupons available for quick balance top up! You can buy and then sell a coupon to any user on the Internet. Coupons are popular in China and Asia, where
29/04/18 | 12:04
Numbers (UK) for Nike are again available in large numbers.
12/04/18 | 22:43
 QIWI wallet + VCC from 0 to 5 pcs. $3 from 6 to 10 pcs. $2 from 11 to 1000 pcs. $1.5
12/04/18 | 12:44
Due to power outages, the RU numbers are not available until 13:00 Moscow time
11/04/18 | 20:00
Google accounts with enabled `two-factor authentication` You can login from any IP without confirmation by SMS. When you first log into your account, you need to select the `backup
29/03/18 | 12:48
Hello. dear users! We glad to message you that Latvia now available for the rent as well. Also, for the rent is available such countries as: Russia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Spain and USA. Have a nice day!
28/03/18 | 13:23
Dear users! We glad to message that we`ve added new payment system. This service of electronic payments allows accept payment by electronic money, in cash, by bank cards.
17/03/18 | 10:23
Dear users! We glad to message you what in our account store now available QIWI wallets with VCC, with disabled verifications through SMS for operations and with verified mail, that excludes hacks of
01/03/18 | 14:26
Dear users! PayPal payments available again! We apologize for temporary inconvenience. Have a nice day!