Required workers to process PayPal payments

Дата публикации: 4-01-2017, 17:43

Because the termination of reception of payments through paypal we have provided another option of payment through.
If you are want make money and you are have Paypal, write skype: alex260840
After successfull interview you are add funds in more than 10$ from Bitcoin or WebMoney. More amount - more trust. We public you are contact in payment page. If some person want make payment from paypal, he сontact with you (Skype, ICQ or any options) and add your funds, and you are, in add funds for him.
For this operation you are put commission. Of he accept, you are working, if not, he search new people.
For example:
Some person ask you are for add funds for him at 10$ in
He send you 10$ + your commission(20% for exmaple). He make transfer for your 12$
You're send 10$ from for this person in his login and get 2$